Pick the perfect gift

We guarantee the exceptional quality of the clothes that we deliver in every box. The brands are well-established European brands not readily available in the U.S. All of our clothes come together to create exceptional outfits for stylish everyday wear. Comfy for baby, extraordinary for parents.

Stylish Baby Box

Send 2 items of clothing to create one adorable outfit. With this box, Baby gets one new outfit every month. Great box size when you're looking to gift a little monthly surprise. FREE SHIPPING.

Premium Box

Send 4 items of clothing every month. Parents will be able to build Baby's wardrobe month after month. Perfect as the gift that keeps on giving! The happy parents will think of you every time Baby wears one of the new outfits. FREE SHIPPING.

Luxe Box

The ultimate unboxing experience! 6 items of clothing that come together to create a variety of outfits. This is the perfect gift for parents who love to dress their fashionable baby in different styles. It's the luxurious gift to make a big impression. FREE SHIPPING.