Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3-2-1 Framboise?

We deliver the perfect gift to sleep-deprived parents everywhere. Our luxurious monthly subscription box is filled with beautiful European baby clothes made for everyday wear. The quality is exceptional, the clothes are soft and comfortable and will withstand the test of time. We specialize in baby sizes starting at 3 months.  

What types of boxes do you deliver?

We deliver three different box sizes: Stylish Baby, Premium and Luxe. 

What is inside the Stylish Baby Box?

Each month, parents receive 2 items that come together to create one gorgeous outfit for Baby. The quality of the fabrics is exceptional for Baby's comfort. All items are guaranteed to be designed by outstanding European brands.

What's in the Premium Box?

The Premium Box includes 4 items that come together to create as many as 4 outfits every month. The quality is the same as the original Stylish Baby Box.

What about the Luxe Box?

The Luxe Box is our largest box with 6 items that come together to create as many as 7 adorable outfits. The quality is the same as other boxes, and happy parents will have more adorable baby clothes every month. 

Is shipping included?

No, shipping is calculated at check-out and will be added to your total. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to any country in the world. Canada? Yes! Mexico? Yes! South Africa? Yes! get the picture.

Can parents skip a month?

Absolutely. Wether you're signing them up for a month-to-month or 3, 6 or 12 month prepay plan, parents can expect to receive an email from us every month where they'll have the opportunity to skip a month, if they so choose.

What is your return policy?

We only accept returns/exchanges for items that are damaged or defective. 

What if the size wasn't right?

If the size of the outfits is too small, parents can contact us at We will do our best to work with them to make it right. 

Can parents choose to change the size inside their box?

Yes. If parents would prefer to change the size that was originally selected for their baby, they can contact us by email. We'll make the change for their next delivery.

Do you have additional questions? 

Contact us at

Are you ready to give the perfect gift?