We are 3-2-1 Framboise!

A little about our mission...

But first, repeat after us: Framboise = FRAHN-Bwaz. That's "raspberry" in French. Hey! You speak French now. Brag to all your friends...oh! sorry...all your amis. (BAM! two words).

How did 3-2-1 Framboise come to life? Founder Celine Hakoun had the idea when her son was born. Family and friends from Europe were sending her boxes filled with awesome clothes she'd never seen elsewhere. Fun, comfy, and practical. Why couldn't all parents in the US get these care packages filled with clothes, too? Our company was born!

Celine is originally from France and has lived all over Europe. She's familiar with the European approach to baby fashion. It's simple: Babies should be fashionable and comfortable. And parents should be able to throw everything in the wash 10 times a day without damaging the fabric, because - let's face it - that's all parents do for the first year anyway... Read about our brand selection process here. We can't wait to share our awesome brands with you!

Founder & her inspiration

Celine Hakoun + Little E.

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