We are 3-2-1 Framboise

Repeat after us: Framboise = FRAHM-Bwaz. That's "raspberry" in French. And who doesn't love raspberries? 

We deliver beautiful boxes filled with gorgeous European baby clothes to stylish (but sleep-deprived) parents everywhere. Our mission is to bring a little happiness each month to parents who care about the quality of their baby's clothes. It's like gifting new parents with their own personal baby stylist. And we love it!

Founder Celine Hakoun had the idea for this service when her son Little E. was born. Family and friends from Europe were sending her boxes filled with awesome clothes she'd never seen elsewhere. Fun, comfy, and practical. Why couldn't all parents get these care packages filled with clothes, too? Our company was born!

The founder & her inspiration

Celine Hakoun and Little E. are excited that you found us. 

We can't wait to share our beautiful boxes with your loved ones!

A little more about Celine...

Celine is originally from France and has lived all over Europe. She's familiar with the European approach to baby fashion. It's simple: Babies should be fashionable and comfortable. And parents should be able to throw everything in the wash 10 times a day without damaging the fabric, because - let's face it - that's all parents do for the first year anyway. Celine lives in Miami with her little family, and works every day to create the perfect boxes for parents everywhere.