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Our baby clothes have:

      * Radiant colors with fun patterns and adorable details

      * Real drawstrings, perfect seams, true comfort for Baby

     * Exclusive French and Dutch brands not available in the U.S.

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Available for baby boys and girls, sizes 3 months - 18 months. 

What to expect

Gorgeous baby clothing delivered monthly

Exclusive independent European brands 

Personalized styling service for your Baby every month

Sizing automatically adjusts as Baby grows

Machine-washable, everyday baby fashion

Select the box that's right for you

2, 4 or 6 items

Select to receive 2, 4 or 6 items every month. You'll receive new items that come together to create adorable outfits. Our mix-and-match styles ensures that you get many different outfits in a single box.

Take the Style quiz

Tell us about Baby and You

Tell us what style you prefer, Baby's size and what type of weather you have in your part of the world. We'll make sure Baby is stylish and appropriately dressed for every season!

Get gorgeous outfits delivered monthly

Receive European baby clothes every month!

Strangers will Ooooh and Aaaah, and you can take all the credit.

Next box ships on September 18!

Hurry! Last day to order your first box is September 17th to receive it in September.